Chai tea their ingredients and the health benefits

Chai tea blends together different spices that make this a medicinal tea that is great for your cardiovascular system, a good pain reliever, and also includes cancer-fighting antioxidants. The spices used in chai tea include cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger and these spices are then mixed together with real tea. It is a very well-blended tea that is packed full of flavor. This tea has a very unique taste to it, but it is something that most people come to love.

The cardamon spice in chai tea is great for digestion, and drinking tea with this spice helps people that have problems with indigestion. The cinnamon spice in chai tea helps to regulate blood sugar levels and fight off illness. Ginger has many medicinal properties including treating flu, diarrhea, diabetes, headache, menstrual problem, heart problems, and upset stomach. The clove spice in chai tea helps with nausea, vomiting and flatulance. It can also be used as an antiseptic property as it is high in volatile oils.

You can also blend chai tea together with black tea, which is great for your heart. Blend it together with red tea if you are lactose intolerant, as it helps to provide more calcium to your diet, or blend it with greet tea to boost your metabolism. You can also drink a chi blend with a white tea base to boost your immune system, or black tea base for heart health.

Chai tea is a very healthy alternative to drinking coffee. A person would need to drink at least three cups of chai tea to get the same amount of caffeine that they get from drinking only one cup of coffee. Changing to chai tea will help to cut your caffeine intake very dramatically, and chai tea is actually good for you to drink.

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