Coffee, Caffeine and Health

The tables have turned in recent years regarding coffee consumption. Many fallacies related to cardiovascular health, particularly hypertension, have been effectively debunked. Moreover, it has been shown that drinking coffee can help reduce the risk of many types of cancer: lung, breast and prostate cancer, to name a few. Coffee can also have a positive effect on mood, improve overall alertness and speed up reaction time.

However, there are certain guidelines to follow while reaping the health benefits of caffeinated coffee. It is important to have only a moderate intake of coffee per day, which is about two to four cups. In most cases, anything beyond four cups is considered excessive and can cause irritability and insomnia. Studies have shown that depression can even be alleviated if the amount of caffeine stays at a reasonable level.

It is best to drink coffee without anything added to it, as sugar and cream can cause an undesirable spike in insulin levels. When ingested prior to exercise, black coffee can increase metabolism by 20 percent and be an effective stamina booster.

To gain these benefits and more, coffee should be the main source. Caffeinated soda does not pack the same nutritional punch. A large portion of the recommended daily values of several vitamins can be obtained from a few cups of coffee. Overall, the advantages of a reasonable amount of coffee during the day far outweigh many alternative caffeinated beverages.

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