Coffee Not Only Delicious, Good for You Too!

Coffee has valiantly taken the blame for a number of health concerns; however, most health concerns actually stem from other influences, such as smoking and a sedentary lifestyle, that early studies neglected to consider. Today, research clears coffee of nefarious charges and finds that moderate consumption of this wonderful nectar carries health benefits.

Coffee's greatest benefit comes from its antioxidant value. The high amount of AOX in coffee protects your body's cells from the rampaging free radicals that cause damage in the form of heart disease, premature aging, and cancer. It appears coffee also helps prevent Parkinson's disease and Type 2 diabetes. Ironically, coffee actually prevents the damage for which it initially took blame.

Of course, coffee consumption, like life's other pleasures, requires moderation to keep the bad - restlessness, anxiety and insomnia - from outweighing the good. Go ahead, buy your coffee and enjoy three to four cups each day. Your health will thank you.

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