Do Fruit Teas Have Sugar in Them?

A common misconception is that flavored teas do not contain any sugar in them. This includes teas that even go so far as to be labeled "no added sugar." There is always some amount of sugar, regardless of the type, in a fruit flavored tea. The reason why is simple. All fruits contain natural sugars and it's impossible to filter them out.

Many manufacturers are aware that people are trying to live a healthier lifestyle and are trying to cut back on sugar. So they create a fruit tea and label it as "no added sugar" and it misleads the customer into believing that there is either very low amounts of sugar or no sugar at all. The manufacturers are failing to reveal that there is both fructose and glucose in fruit and therefore it is in the flavored tea. Also, another issue is the usage of sugar substitutes. Though many have claimed for years that they are a healthier and safer alternative to white processed sugar, there is no actual scientific proof to prevent this. As a matter of fact, extensive research shows an entirely different set of issues that are presented when sugar substitutes are used over a long period of time.

Fruit teas have naturally occurring sugar in them. There may be no additionally added sugar, but they are far from sugar free. Whether it is through the use of artificial sugars or sugar that is contained in fruit, these flavored teas are not sugar free.

A fruit tea that is flavored with natural sugars is always a healthier alternative to a fruit tea that has added sugar substitutes.

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