Healthy Ingredients of Herbal Tea

The merits of herbal teas have been touted for centuries, claiming health benefits that can promote a wholesome lifestyle. Indeed, herbal tea is a popular and enjoyable drink for its soft, soothing flavors and natural ingredients. Herbal tea consumption has been linked to lowered risks of certain cancers, stroke and heart attack and has been encouraged as a beverage for its lack of harmful chemical additives.

Essentially, herbal tea describes any number of beverages made from tea leaves and infused with herbs, spices or other natural flavors, such as fruit. The ingredients an herbal tea contains depends on the kind of tea in question, although most varieties can be helpful to your body's health. Most varieties of tea are full of antioxidants and can boost immune functions, reduce your risk of heart disease and improve cognitive function. Combined with the healing qualities of common infusions, tea can be a very beneficial beverage.

Herbal teas, as the name implies, are generally made with herbs or spices for extra health benefits. Some common ingredients in herbal teas include ginger, a known anti-viral that can heighten your immune system, and sage, an antiseptic that can soothe a sore throat and promote healthy digestion. Cinnamon is an anti-bacterial and anti-viral that can help your body fight disease and turmeric is an anti-inflammatory that can help ease joint pain. Lemongrass is another common additive in herbal teas; it can develop healthy blood circulation by improving blood vessel dilation. Chamomile is an incredibly popular variety of herbal tea known for its calming qualities. Frequent drinkers of chamomile tea report feeling less stress and sleeping better, a crucial bodily function for good health.

Despite its pleasing flavor, herbal tea is also very good for you. Any ingredient you find in herbal tea, from herb to spice to fruit extract, can have beneficial qualities. Drinking just a cup a day can help you feel healthier, find renewed energy and ward off illness and infection. The next time you are thirsty, reach for a mug of fresh-brewed herbal tea instead of soda or coffee. You may be surprised by how good it makes you feel.

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