Lose Weight with Both Green Tea and Black Tea

We live in a world where people are turning more and more towards nature to help them lose weight. The reason for this is that we are finally becoming conscious of how harmful chemical weight loss methods can be to our overall health, which is why we are now resorting to more natural resources to help us lose those unwanted pounds. While it is true that many herbal remedies are not exactly magical when it comes to burning fat, black tea and green tea are set aside in a class of their own, as they are not only a healthy way to lose weight, but can prove to be a great complement to an adequate diet and exercise plan.

Green tea and black tea work differently, but the result is similar for both. Green tea is unprocessed, and that means it is packed full of antioxidants and certain compounds known as "catechins," which stimulate the process through which the body burns fat. On the other hand, black tea, which is processed, promotes weight loss by serving as a caloric deficit. In other words, drinking plain black tea, without any added sugar, will replace the calories you would normally receive from food, giving you a sensation of fullness that will make you feel less hungry. When coupled with an appropriate diet and a regular amount of exercise, this caloric deficit will allow you to lose weight more readily than without it.

In cases where blood sugar variations may be a concern, drinking fruit flavored black teas such as Earl Grey will allow you to maintain your blood sugar at normal levels, which in turn will reduce the craving for sweet foods. All in all, green tea and black tea are an excellent way to improve your health while providing your palate with a delicious substitute to sugary beverages.

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