Decaffeinated Blend Coffee

By choosing one of our many decaffeinated coffees, we promise you the same superior taste and flavor without the stimulating side effects of caffeine.

Decaffeinated coffee contains less than 1/40 of the caffeine found in untreated caffeinated beans. Caffeine is a crystal clear substance that lacks aroma and contains only a slight bitter taste. With our advanced technology, beans that have been through the decaffeinating process should produce the same exceptional taste as caffeinated beans.

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For your enjoyment we offer the following blends


Decaf Dutch Trader Coffee

Experience Decaf Dutch Trader blended coffee and reminisce the trials, tribulations, and the inspirational spirit of the Dutch Coffee Trader. Indonesian coffee is distinguished by an essence of earthiness that provides a full body, a rich flavor, and a delightfully vibrant acidity; add to that the medium body and brilliancy of the African bean. This blend is worthy of the treacherous journey traders once sailed. We use high-quality Arabica beans to bring you the quality you have been looking for and a blend better than you ever dreamed. Decaf Dutch Trader blended coffee makes an intriguing evening coffee and is a perfect way to celebrate the end of a beautiful day.

$12.95 1 lb bag


Decaf Connoisseur Estates Coffee

The definition of a connoisseur is, "a person with a great deal of knowledge or an expert judge in the matter of taste." Our name "Connoisseur Estates blend" then says a lot since we are naming this blend especially for a person of that caliber. The gift of a connoisseur is to appraise the quality of our coffee and to validate its origination. They can appreciate the art of the cup, as well as the talent, technique, and creativity of the Roastmaster. Even better, this blend now comes to you in decaf!

1 lb bag $12.95


Decaf French Roast Coffee

Take a moment right now. Pull up a chair, grab the daily paper, and brew some fresh Decaf French Roast blend while remembering the French proverb that says, "Goodness is the only investment that never fails." A heat sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee. Your decaf coffee will be fresh roasted the day it ships. Enjoy!

$12.95 1 lb bag


Decaf Espresso Italia Coffee

Decaf Espresso Italia is a classic Italian blend of 100% Arabica beans that are medium-dark roasted by our on-site, professional roaster. This decaffeinated espresso exhibits a balance in brightness and complexity, producing a smooth, well-rounded coffee with a pungent aroma.

$15.95 1 lb bag


Decaf Kona Blend Coffee

This decaffeinated blend was created using fresh Central and South American Arabica beans and Kona beans from Hawaii. This blend is smooth, with an intense aroma and low acidity. It is so enjoyably rich, it is almost nutty.

$17.95 1 lb bag


Decaf Marrakesh Blend Coffee

Delicately blended, these decaffeinated Arabica coffee beans roast to a medium state in our roastery to produce slight smoky undertones and a surprisingly spicy bite. With medium brightness and body, Decaf Marrakesh Blend is very reminiscent to the spices of the Moroccan market.

$12.95 1 lb bag


Decaf Gourmet House Blend

This decaffeinated blend of Central and South American coffees produces a balanced, medium-bodied blend. Chosen by our coffee house clients as an all-time, caffeine-free favorite, this brew is always in high demand for its slight undertones of caramel and chocolate and smooth finish.

$12.95 1 lb bag


Decaf Mocca Java Coffee

Our Decaf Mocca-Java blend combines Ethiopian and Indonesian Arabica bean coffees to create a masterful mixture of smoky flavor and light, floral aroma. Medium-dark roasted, this heavy-bodied, caffeine-free blend has medium brightness that balances acidity and the hints of bittersweet chocolate.

$13.95 1 lb bag


Decaf New Orleans Chicory Coffee

We delicately blend rich, decaffeinated Colombian coffee with dark, velvety Decaf French Roast and chicory to create a coffee that is true to the New Orleans tradition. Roasted dark, our Decaf New Orleans Chicory Blend brews into a heavily-bodied brew with light brightness and smoky overtones.

1 lb bag $12.95