High Grown Mountain Kona Coffee

Looking for a full bodied coffee, these Hawaiian Blends are full of body and aroma, so rich you will keep coming back for more. The coffees are grown on the mountains of Hawaii in the volacanic dried ashes that are ecellent for making a full bodied coffee.

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Kona Blend

Hawaiian Kona coffee's unmistakable flavor and aroma surfaces brilliantly in this custom blend that includes Central and South American coffees as well as our famous Kona Coffee. Kona is one of the top specialty coffees in the world. It is also made right here in the United States on Kona the big island of Hawaii. A perfect mix of sun, humidity and afternoon shade, make Kona beans exceptional.

1 lb bag $17.95


Hawaiian Kona Reserve

If you are always searching for your next great cup of coffee, you've just struck gold. The word reserve refers to something unique and special, and after you taste this coffee, we are sure you'll notice just how special it truly is

1 lb bag $32.95


Hawaiian Kona Coffee Cuvee

This is a medium roast five star coffee for people who truly appreciate exceptional coffee. Hawaiian Kona coffee has an unmistakable flavor and aroma that surface brilliantly in this custom blend that includes Central and South American coffees but features the famous Kona Coffee. It is an extremely well balanced coffee with medium body and acidity. Cuppers admire its caramel and chocolate notes while taking notice of a slight nutty flavor as well. You've simply got to taste it to believe it.

1 lb bag $25.95


Hawaiian Maui Mokka Coffee

These incredibly small beans produce a delightful cup of dark chocolate essence with a slightly sweet-spicy scent. Since the coffee beans are dry processed, left in the fruit to dry in the sun and then hulled, this produces an exotic character to each bean, giving it a stronger and spicier flavor. When brewed, this Hawaiian Maui Mokka coffee deems lightly acidic and finishes with a crisp smoothness.

1 lb bag $31.25


Hawaiian Kona Volcanic Estate Coffee

Kona volcanic estate coffee is grown on the lower slopes of Mauna Loa, a volcano in the western district of the island. One of the biggest struggles Kona faces is supply and demand. Space for cultivating coffee is tight competing with the high traffic volume of tourists on the island. Despite the limited space to grow Kona, only about 3000 acres produce this coffee, Kona produces the highest yield of any Arabica in the world at about 2000lbs per acre.

1 lb bag $54.95


Maui Red Catuai Coffee

Grown on the volcanic slopes of the island of Maui, Hawaii, Maui Red Catuai is an exotic coffee that resembles your favorite red wine. With a little spice and a slight sapidity, this "cabernet of coffees" offers a brilliant, medium-roasted cup with consistent, bright flavor.

1 lb bag $22.45

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