Organic Coffee

High Grown Arabica Organic Coffee grown in the mountains of Peru, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Central America, Colombia and El Salvidor.

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Decaf Peru Organic Coffee

This coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss water method, which eliminates the coffee's caffeine using water rather than chemicals. Swiss water decaf is a much more expensive process, but certainly worth it when it comes to taste. With no added chemicals to remove the caffeine, this decaf coffee can remain labeled organic.

1 lb bag $13.95


Dominican Republic Organic Coffee

This Dominican Republic coffee displays a well balanced complexity and uniformity with a rich full taste, medium body and a pleasant acidity. You will find these special beans brew up a fine gourmet Caribbean coffee.

1 lb bag $13.95


Bolivia Organic Coffee

Farmers are given the opportunity to develop their business skills and they learn how to better protect the environment. These efforts and the unusual micro-climate combine to offer a heavy bodied, spicy coffee that awakens the senses of the tongue while it invigorates the imagination. When you drink Bolivia Colonial Caranavi Fair Trade Organic, you are doing your taste buds and the world a favor.

1 lb bag $12.95


Central America Organic Coffee

The coffee is Certified Organic Shade Grown by The Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) as well as being a fair trade coffee. Beneficio is produced under shade trees. The beans are hand picked and processed by the coffee growers themselves, to be finally dried under the sun.This brew will produce an exquisite aroma, a good and abundant body, and an enduring and pleasant acidity.

1 lb bag $12.95


Colombia Organic Coffee

The producers of Cafe Organico Mesa de los Santos, concerned about nature and the environment, have obtained BioLatina certification after more than three years of effort. During this period, measures including no-chemical utilization during production and the implementation of an ornithological program to guarantee native and migratory bird protection, have been adopted.

1 lb bag $13.95


El Salvador Organic Coffee

Our Organic El Salvador Cuzcachapa (Sacred Waters) coffee is rich in flavor, full bodied, and possesses a vibrant acidity. As it cools, the intricate flavors change to give it a nice, orange essence. This coffee is very special. We have a very limited supply of Cuzcachapa, and once it has been sold it will be a year until it is available again. You don't want to miss out on the impressive taste of this national award winning coffee!

1 lb bag $12.95


Ethiopia Organic Coffee

If you like a smooth medium roasted coffee that continuously develops on the drinker's palate then this is the coffee for you. Our Ethiopia Sidamo is a certified Organic Fair Trade Coffee. This is grown in the Sidamo province of Ethiopia and as with all of our coffees it is 100% Arabica coffee. This small to medium bean is valued for its depth, spice, and wine like tasting floral aroma.

1 lb bag $15.95


French Roast Organic Coffee

Our Organic French Roast Fair-Trade Coffee blend is a very dark roasted coffee blend with very little acidity. This coffee will leave your taste buds feeling bittersweet and satisfied! Bold coffee drinkers look no further than this 100% organic roast to satisfy your coffee desire.

1 lb bag $12.95

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