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High Grown Arabica Organic Coffee grown in the mountains of Sulawesi, Guatemala, Mexico and Sumatra.

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Galapagos Organic Coffee

Organic Galapagos Island Estate coffee is truly a coffee without an equal. Organic Galapagos coffee comes from the original Bourbon variety planted by the French Colonists in 1869. The beans are grown on trees that are in such a perfect micro-climate that they have continued to flourish even after being abandoned for a 121 years until the plantation was re-established in 1990. The seeds that were originally planted in 1869 continue to charm us with a beautiful medium body, balanced coffee.

1 lb bag $12.95


Guatemala Organic Coffee

Atitlan is located within Guatemala's most biologically diverse region, yet only the tops of Atitlan's volcanoes have forest cover. Shade coffee is the closest thing to forest in many areas around the lake. Studies have shown that shade coffee farms can hold almost as much biodiversity as the nearby forests. The coffee forests at Atitlan cover more than half of the volcanoes.

1 lb bag $14.95


Sumatra Organic Coffee

Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain coffee is known for its full body and delightful rich flavor. It is a naturally processed organic coffee, with its focus on preserving the environment and stabilizing the well fair of its community. This gourmet organic coffee is grown at an altitude of approximately 1500 meters above sea level and delivers a high quality green bean.

1 lb bag $12.95


Mexican Organic Coffee

This delicious Mexican organic coffee comes from a plantation located in the Sierra Madres, which is found in the State of Chiapas. This area has extremely diverse weather conditions due to its high mountains areas and low valleys. It is home to eight different volcanoes right in the same area, and where there are volcano's...there is the glorious volcanic ash to grow coffee in. In general, the weather here is very tropical with high humidity.

1 lb bag $12.95


Peru Organic Coffee

Being that the only commercial crop in this region of Peru is coffee, you can be sure that every effort is made to insure it will be outstanding. This flavorful cup is mildly acidic and has a clean light to medium body. Its aroma is inviting, and its body is full of flavor. It will continue to delight you with its slightly sweet, nutty finish with no lingering after taste.

1 lb bag $12.95


Sulawesi Organic Coffee

You haven't had coffee until you've had Sulawesi Port Icewik. That's a pretty bold statement, but we stand behind it! This coffee is rare in every sense of the word and is one of those that you must take advantage of when, and if, you see it.

1 lb bag $18.95

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