Brazil Moreninha Formosa Coffee

Brazil Moreninha Formosa Coffee

Of the three plots that make up the farm Fazenda Aurea, Moreninha Formosa is named after the largest. These plots are located right outside the cities of Serra de Salitre, Minas Gerais, and Cerrado Mineiro. It is the specific location where this amazing coffee is grown. The coffee trees in this region flourish at 3,900 feet and at these elevations, slower growing trees produce more intensely flavored gourmet coffee beans.

After being harvested and processed, Moreninha Formosa coffee is raked and dried on raised sun beds, allowing hot, dry air to circulate over, under, and around the cherries. This allows the cherries to dry evenly producing a full-bodied coffee with a touch of earthiness. This Brazilian coffee will surprise your taste buds with dark chocolate and cherry essences along with hints of orange that emerge with our light-medium roast. When brewed, this gourmet coffee produces a sweet cup with a gentle hint of nuttiness.

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$49.95 5 lb

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