Specializing in natural herbal teas, flavored herbal teas, green teas, black teas and mountain grown Arabic coffees.


Herbal Teas

The Herbal Tea Shop has blended for your enjoyment some of the world's best-loved herbs. Our natural herbal teas are excellent for medicinal use as well as daily drinking enjoyment. We carry only the best Chamomile, African Red Bush Rooibos, Peppermint and Jasmine herbal teas.


Flavored Herbal Teas

Flavored herbal tea is made up the same way as making a cup of tea only there is no tea involved. Dried fruit and fresh herbs are mixed to a certain combination that results in a delicious tea.


Mountain Grown Arabic Coffee

With every bean we roast our coffee comes out fresh and full-flavored. The best blend, decaf, flavored, Hawaiian and organic coffees we carry for your enjoyment. Drip grind, whole bean or French press are avaiable.


Green Teas

Japanese and Chinese green teas that suggest a boost in your imune system, helps prevent cancer and heart disease and aids in reductuion of body fat, great for diets.


Black Teas

Black teas actually starts out as green, but during the production process, they are oxidized and they turn black releasing the tea's full big bodied flavor.