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Ceylon Ratnapura Orange Pekoe Special Black Tea

This gourmet tea is great when blended with milk; the milk enhances the existing flavors for a rich and robust taste. This tea is cultivated in the city of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, also known as the City of Gems. The mountain ranges and valleys that extend from sea level to 2,000 feet produce teas with a full spectrum of body and flavor. The drier weather from January through March produces rich gold (almost red) colored, heavy, nutty flavor.

Ceylon Ratnapura is one of the heaviest teas produced in the world. This black tea has a special style leaf that is halfway between a Broken Orange Pekoe and Pekoe. The Orange Pekoe leaf provides a distinctly less heavily bodied cup than the BOP. This low country black tea is named after the southwest Ratnapura district, which is 100km south of Colombo.

It's a favorite all over the world, and with such an incredible flavor, don't wait; order your Ceylon Ratnapura OP Special Black Tea today!

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$24.95 - 2 lb

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