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Decaf English Breakfast Black Tea

Decaf English Breakfast Tea is a gourmet black Northern Indian tea. You will find it to have a full body and a rich robust cup typical of the best tea in England. This tea is expected to be served with milk and a sweetener much like the British like it as their morning tea. Once the black tea has been mixed with milk, its aroma changes to a very familiar scent of warm toast and honey!

Decaf English breakfast tea, from The Herbal Tea Shop, has raised the bar. When enjoyed with milk and sugar, the silky texture takes on a much more mild flavor, perfect for toast, muffins and biscuits. This tea, known as English breakfast tea, is highly admired all over the world. Celebrated for its bold flavor, this decaffeinated gourmet tea is one of our best selling and is sure to win you over.

$14.68 - 1/2 lb
$56.19 - 2 lb

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