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Premium black bulk teas, Ceylon, Darjeeling, Assam, China black and Earl Grey teas. Buy in two lb quantities, more for less!

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Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Black Tea 2 lb

Sri Lanka is the world's third largest producer of tea, and actually was the worlds leading exporter until it was recently passed by Kenya. Perfect for an everyday tea, Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe has just a touch of citrus essence to bring a little sunshine into your cup of black tea.

$34.00 2 lb


Darjeeling Black Tea: Finest Tippy 2 lb

Darjeelings are the most precious tea qualities of the world. They possess an exquisite bouquet and flavor and a distinctive "muscat" character almost wine-like in taste in a lovely and light cup.

$36.40 2 lb


Market Ceylon Spice Black Tea 2 lb

High grown Ceylon black tea is gently blended with pieces of clove and cinnamon to create an aromatic and soothing spiced tea.

$22.95 2 lb


Lapsang Souchong Black Tea 2 lb

Lapsang Souchong tea comes from the Fujian province of China. This is a very distinctive tea with an exotic smoky flavor. Lapsang-Souchong has grown in popularity with those who appreciate single malt Scotch whisky and fine cigars.

$31.80 2 lb


English Breakfast Black Tea 2 lb

A blend of Indian, Ceylon, China and African teas meant to accompany full breakfasts with strong flavors. These large leaves produce a bright and fragrant cup. This black tea is smooth and full-bodied with a malty after taste. Imported from Sri Lanka, India.

$30.60 2 lb


Irish Breakfast Black Tea 2 lb Bag

The Irish are per capita the highest consumers of tea in the world and after you try our gourmet tea blend you will know why! It doesn't get much better than the Irish Breakfast Tea!

$36.40 2 lb


Assam Broken Orange Pekoe Black Tea 2 lb Bag

Origin: Satrupa, Assam, India. This Assam is great as part of a blend or by itself provides a bright colored liquor with good body and a full flavor.

$34.00 2 lb


Ceylon Supreme Flowery O P Black Tea 2 lb

Supreme Pekoe This black tea originates in Uva, Sri Lanka. Ceylon supreme flowery orange has a rolled and round curly leaf, which provides a brew with a heavy body and dark liquor The most precious gourmet black tea is grown in the western areas of the island of Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon).

$22.12 2 lb


China Black FOP Tea 2 lb Bag

This gourmet tea originates from Anhui, China and it classifies as a black whole leaf blend tea. The dry leaf is dark black, partially open and attractive. Anhui province provides the world with Keemun of the finest black teas. Chinese Black Tea is produced in 16 hilly regions of central and southern China. This is a gourmet tea of good quality and value with dark liquoring.

$20.40 2 lb bag


Russian Caravan Blended Black Tea 2 lb

Tea became popular along the trade routes in Southern Russia along the China border during the 1700's - Enjoy this blend that is in the tradition of the finest Russian Teas. Just a hint of smoky Lapsang Souchong along with our Formosa Oolong and China Blend recreates the experience.

$24.00 2 lb


Earl Grey Black Tea 2 lb

The unusual flavoring and winning combination that makes Earl Grey so special is the oil of Bergamot. Bergamot comes from the Turkish word for prince's pear and describes a pear shaped citrus that is grown around the Mediterranean.

$27.20 2 lb


Chai Masala Black Tea 2 lb

The Portuguese and Dutch added a European flair to the area, but they've never lost their Indian roots. However, the cosmopolitan nature of the city is reflected in its tea. There are so many flavors that blend together to create one incredible whole. Try Masala Chai Black Tea.

$32.95 2 lb

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