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Chai Herbal Kukicha Tea

Chai Kukicha Masala Herbal Tea

Kukicha Tea: Popular among the macrobiotic community. Kukicha is a powerful antioxidant and is very low in caffeine, in fact the lowest in caffeine of all traditional teas.

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Chai Kukicha Coconut Herbal Tea

Coconut, says vaidya Mishra, Director of Maharishi Ayurveda's Product Research and Development, is considered a divine plant in vedic tradition. Whenever you perform a sacred ceremony like a yagna, havan or puja, a coconut must grace the occasion.

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Chai Kukicha Fennel Herbal Tea

Fennel: A common spice that it is traditionally used in Ayurvedic Medicine to improve digestion and absorption without increasing Fire. Fennel is calming to the nerves and their aroma acts upon the mind and promotes mental awareness. Fennel is also found to increase low milk supply in breastfeeding moms.*

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Chai Kukicha Lemongrass Herbal Tea

Lemon Grass: As a medicinal herb, lemon grass is mildly diuretic and a stimulant tonic. The herb promotes digestion of fats, and in Ayurvedic medicine a preparation of lemon grass with pepper has been used for relief of menstrual troubles and nausea. The herb stimulates perspiration, cooling the body in summer and lowering fevers any time of year.

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Chai Peppermint Kukicha Herbal Tea

Peppermint: Has a mild soothing action on the nerves and digestion, which helps relax the body and clear the mind and senses.

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