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Our Decaffeinated loose leaf tea so good you won't even miss the caffeine, Earl Grey, English breakfast and Japanese sencha decaffeinated teas.

Now you can enjoy authentic gourmet tea day or night without the worry of ill side effects from caffeine. Painstakingly decaffeinated by experts, we have reduced the caffeine from your tea, without losing the flavor you have grown to love.

All decaffeinated tea is in loose form

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Earl Grey Decaffeinated Tea

This decaf tea brews to the flavor and aroma you love in your regular Earl Grey. So delicious you won't even miss the caffeine.

$15.00 1/2 lb bag

Decaf English Breakfast Tea

This English Breakfast is truly an excellent tasting decaffeinated tea.

$19.95 1/2 lb

Japan (style) Sencha Decaf 1/2 lb

Japanese Sencha tea is grown in the West Lake Region of the Zhejiang Province of China. Zhejiang is the leading producer in China at around 20% and the world's largest exporter of green tea (45% approximately of world trade as of 1990). Zhejiang's most well known for producing tea flavors such as Gunpowder, Mei Longjing and green leaf scented Jasmine. The base tea is a China Green Sencha-style leaf. The CO2 process is most palpable on this style of leaf in that the finished product maintains the original leaf appearance and green cup quality.

$13.95 1/2 lb bag

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