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Specializing in herbal tea for over 10 years including flavored herbal tea and masala chai tea plus some of the best black teas and green tea on the internet.

Our herbal tea has medicinal purposes along with our health teas and Chai teas. Tired of prescription and over the counter pills, our herbal, Chai and health teas are just what you are looking for.

Our flavored tea always keeps you coming back for more, from apricot to vanilla you will be satisfied. Our Black teas are some of the best tea in the world. Assam noted for its mellow and malty flavor, or our Ceylon and Darjeeling teas will satisfy your thirst for delicious black teas.

Our green tea is high in antioxidants and is suggested to prolong life. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C they will have you feeling better in no time. They also create flavanoids that burn off the fatty acids that will drop the extra weight you are carrying in no time. 3 to 5 cups of green tea a day will have you loosing weight in no time. Fresh Chinese and Japanese teas, Chinese Oolong green tea and Japanese green sencha green tea have been used for centuries in the Orient along with Jasmine herbal tea.

The Herbal Tea Shop carries Masala Chai Teas for those of you that look for tea that offers a producing of a warm soothing effect and a wonderfully calming aspect on the body. Our Masala Chai teas are the same tea they drink in India not what you would find in a local tea shop. Our Chai teas are made up of tea and herbs and spices no extra addatives.

All tea comes in loose form

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